08 Apr 2015

Don’t Paint Your Floor With a Substandard Water-Based or Single Component Epoxy!

FLO-Rock is not a sub-standard water based epoxy kit. Water based coatings do not have the wear resistance, bonding strength and chemical resistance achievable from a 100% solid cycloaliphatic epoxy coating.

IT’S SIMPLE CHEMISTRY. Competitors may promote easier application (without mixing); however, it’s the mixing which creates the molecular cross linking necessary for the curing process and high performance characteristics. Without it you won’t get the performance.

This is why professional installation companies use 100% solid epoxy floor systems. This is why national architectural firms don’t specify single component or water based epoxies on demanding conditions. Water based products are cheaper to manufacture. They sound great, but you get what you pay for. It would be absurd to use single component or water based epoxies in an automotive plant; it’s simply not done.

Epoxy-Coat is permanent; other coatings are not.

You will be removing or replacing most water based epoxies and single component epoxies in the future. DON’T COUNT ON IT! THEY CAN’T OFFER THE PERFORMANCE CHARACTERSITICS. THEY’RE NOT MAGICAL.

Chemistry note:

100% solid epoxies cure with a cross-linking of molecular curing. They do not cure by air. Although highertemperatures help cure 100% solids faster, they will cure completely when mixed correctly and will, in fact, cure faster in thicker applications.

Single component (non-mixing) epoxies do not cure like 100% solid epoxies. They are sensitive to thickness and air. Curing is neither as complete nor predictable; therefore, performance is not the same when applied in varying thickness

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