08 Apr 2015

FLOR-ROCK Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions- We have answers!

Note: The questions below apply to the standard epoxy flake system, usually applied to industrial, commercial, institutional and residential concrete floors.

How long before the coating will wear out?
Generally 15-20 years with normal foot traffic.

What are the flake chips for?
They help with nonslip and help hide imperfections in the floor by adding a decorative look.

Do the flake chips wear out?
Generally no more than the coating.

Does the non-skid make the floor harder to clean?
If you mop the floor, it will be harder. If washed with a broom, squeegee or power scrubber, there is only a slight difference.

How long does FLO-ROCK take to dry?
Depending on the climate, you should allow 24-30 hours of dry time and 2-3 days before driving on.

Does the concrete need to be ground or shot blasted before applying coatings?
Yes, contamination must be removed and pores opened.

How long does the standard coating take to apply, including preparation?
Generally 2 but 3 days at the most. (In most cases)

What are the comparable differences between FLO-ROCK Cycloaliphatic epoxy and other types of epoxies?
FLO-ROCK is a 100% solids epoxy. This is a term used to describe the volume solids in a coating system. It is what is left over after the product dries. 100% solids yields 100% dried material after the coating fully dries. 50% volume solids yield 50% of the thickness after the coating fully dries. Most epoxies are 30%-40% volume solids. If you wish to compare the thickness after dried application between FLO-ROCK and normal epoxies you would need 2.5x the gallons to equal exactly the thickness of 1 gallon of FLO-ROCK.

FLO-ROCK is a Cycloaliphatic epoxy. What is a Cycloaliphatic epoxy?
It is a type of epoxy. Just like there are different types of automobiles that perform differently and very in cost, not all epoxies are the same. If you wish to apply a high performance floor coating, you would want a 100% solids epoxy (to achieve a thickness suitable for proper aesthetics and durability), a high abrasion resistance, a product that would be resistant to yellowing or fading over time, high gloss, highly chemical resistant, impact resistant, 0 VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) for low odor and safety in application in odor and VOC sensitive environments.
Most floor coating epoxies are not Cycloaliphatic 100% solids. They are the most expensive to manufacture. They can cost up to 4x the amount of other epoxies to manufacture. FLO-ROCK is the same quality of epoxy as is used in the most demanding industrial/ commercial floors. In fact, approximately 60% of industrial/ commercial floors use a less quality Aliphatic 100% solids epoxy in their applications.


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